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Alex Greene Dominates Over Stefan Nash

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Alexander Greene, Stefan Nash

Alex Greene and Stefan Nash are in need of some sweet release, so when we put these two boys together, they don’t waste time getting things heated up!  They kiss, pushing their tongues together as they rub each other’s dicks though their pants so that when Stefan drop his boxers, his prick is already standing at attention!  Alex goes right for that juicy dick, sucking and deepthroating until they switch places and Stefan is the one giving head! 

Alex’s huge cock is too much for Stefan’s mouth, but he tries his hardest to get that beast of a dick down his throat.  They make out some more, their naked bodies pressing against one another as their throbbing dicks touch, until finally Alex lubes up that slides that fat cock into Stefan’s ass! 

He holds his legs up, spreading that ass wide open as he pounds his hole, fucking him hard and then changes positions to please Stefan from a different angle.  Stefan climbs on top and rides Alex’s hard prick, his own dick bouncing all over as he gets fucked by Alex.  But Stefan wants to shoot that load, and he grabs his cock and jerks himself off then lets Alex cum all over him!

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  • kord1960 on 12/26/2014

    We need more Alexander Greene!

    • anonymous on 12/25/2014

      Now, I have watched the video. Alexander is the perfect male lover, (So attentive, handsome, so sweet). He seems to adapt to whatever his partner would like to do I have been following Alexander for a few years now, and would like to see him "break in more of your newbies". Now 23, he has grown into a hot stud for you with his blooming chest hair, to employ on your site. I hope that he enjoys his work. Maybe an Interview with Alexander should be next. Alexander is one of the best to watch! (his blond forearm hair is so beautiful to see, not to forget his so handsome face), Thank you to you for bringing Alexander back! And please tell Alexander "Thanks" for coming back to your site.