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Shy Guy Elijah West Fucks Jaden Bentley

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Jaden Bentley, Elijah West

Jaden Bentley is back!  And this member favorite is about to get it on with newbie Elijah West, who seems a bit shy at first but once they start kissing, he lets instinct take over.  As they make out, they lose their clothes here and there until sneaky Jaden has Elijah naked on the couch, dick out and ready to be sucked as Jaden gets to work.

He makes that cock wet and hard as he massages it with his lips, and then has Elijah return the favor, facefucking him as he struggles to deepthroat Jaden’s long, fat cock. But Jaden’s prick isn’t the only thing that gets some attention…Elijah bends him over and eats that ass, rimming Elijah’s tight little hole and making him moan as he buries his face between those perfect ass cheeks! 

Once Jaden’s relaxed enough, Elijah spreads him apart and slides his dick inside, earning some more moans from Jaden as he pounds him hard and deep.  Knees over the head, doggy style, these guys love to fuck and in a lot of ways until finally Elijah shoots a huge load right between Jaden’s ass and then helps to get him off with a little oral!

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  • alaskabeth on 02/03/2015

    Elijah and Jaden are very sexy together; their chemistry is so hot!