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Elijah West And Davey Anthony Flip Fuck

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Davey Anthony, Elijah West

Elijah West and Davey Anthony make a damn sexy pair, and it’s just as enjoyable to watch the foreplay as it is the fucking!  These boys take it slow and sensual, kissing and tasting each other before Davey manages to kiss his way down to Elijah’s big dick, taking it out of his pants and into his mouth. 

Elijah watches Davey as he makes his prick grow bigger and harder until he can’t contain his own craving for cock and satisfies that craving with Davey’s long, hard shaft.  They 69 so that both of them can get oral, and once they’ve had enough of sucking dick Elijah backs his ass up right onto Davey’s waiting prick, shoving that cock deep inside of him as he rides it. 

Davey takes Elijah on the chair and over the desk before they flip and Elijah tops Davey, fucking him hard on the bed.  He pounds Davey's tight ass, making it sore as he pumps him full of his fat cock while Davey jerks his own big dick and makes himself cum, followed by Elijah, who unloads across Davey’s back!

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  • Thisjosh26 on 02/15/2015

    Elijah West & Dave Anthony put on a really good fuck scene. As Elijah was getting fucking sitting on Anthony's lay his cock looked enormous, I though damn that boy got some cock. You should really put Elijah w/Alex Maxim, Alex would love to see that big thick cock coming at him.very good video, great job guys.