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Alex Greene Fucks The Very Cute Jaden Bentley

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Jaden Bentley, Alexander Greene

Alex Greene and Jaden Bentley can’t keep their hands off each other…or their mouths!  They waste no time as they make out and strip the clothes off one another as Jaden climbs on top of Alex, straddling him as they kiss and then finally Alex’s cock comes out!  Jaden wraps his mouth around that sweet cock and sucks, making it grow hard as he makes sultry eye contact with Alex. 

Alex gets a mouthful of dick next as he gives Jaden oral then a rimjob, spreading that ass wide and burying his face in it!  But both Alex and Jaden are aching to fuck, and Alex lubes up his cock and shoves it into Jaden’s tight entrance, fucking him hard and fast as Jaden’s dick and balls bounce with each thrust of Alex’s hips. 

Alex tops Jaden any way he can, making that ass sore as he pounds it hard, going balls deep as Jaden takes that dick and loves every second of it! Alex lets Jaden climb on top and sit on his prick, moving his body up and down as his ass fills with Alex’s hard cock, and once these boys are close to cumming they each stroke out a huge load!

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