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Alex Greene Fucks The Very Sexy Tyler Rush

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Alexander Greene, Tyler Rush

Their lips lock and their shirts come off, their hands explore each other’s sexy, muscular bodies…Tyler Rush and Alex Greene are horny as fuck, and the chemistry between them makes this scene extra steamy!  When both of these boys find themselves naked, Alex drops to the floor between Tyler’s legs and takes his cock in his mouth, licking his balls and sucking that dick until Tyler is ready for fucking. 

But Alex has needs as well, and he wants some oral from his sexy partner, who doesn’t hesitate to kneel down and suck on that juicy prick, making it hard and ready for his ass.  They get on the bed and Tyler climbs on top of Alex, straddling him and then putting Alex’s throbbing cock slowly into his ass and letting him fuck that hole hard, thrusting them both up and down as he pumps his ass full of cock. 

But when Alex wants a change of pace, he gets a little kinky, grabbing a nearby belt and tying Tyler up, hands behind his back, legs spread and face in the bed, helpless as he gets fucked hard and dirty by Alex.  More positions, more tie-ups, more hardcore cock-in-ass action as Alex fucks Tyler until he cums, then shoots his own hot juice into Tyler’s mouth!

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  • JonCody on 03/02/2015

    Turned me on so much I want to bottom for them to tag team fuck until both dicks begin to piss thick cum for 5 minutes

    • Jrhk26 on 03/01/2015

      Very hot scene. Love Alex, if you cum in their mouth, at least kiss them!

      • alaskabeth on 03/01/2015

        Holy shit, YES SIR!