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Alex Greene Fucks Elijah West

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Alexander Greene, Elijah West

Alex Green and Elijah West, two of our hottest boys, kissing and touching and fucking, it’s sexy enough to drive you wild!  These guys start with some kisses before the clothes come off and the underwear hit the floor, cocks out and getting sucked as they each take turns with one another and Elijah struggles to get Alex’s massive prick down his throat. 

But Elijah’s magical mouth gets Alex hard as fuck, and in return he buries his face between Elijah’s ass cheeks, licking that hole as Elijah lies back and enjoys that rimjob!  Now that Alex’s cock is hard and Elijah’s ass is wet, Alex stands up and puts his dick inside of Elijah, pumping him full of his throbbing prick as Elijah takes that huge cock like a pro.  Alex bends his bottom over a different way and takes that ass again, fucking him hard and deep and then letting him sit on his dick and ride it.  They change positions one more time before they can’t hold back any longer and they both cum all over!

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