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Fernando Del Rio Fucks Nick Sumer

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Nick Sumer, Fernando Del Rio

A foot massage turns into something a little kinkier, but Nick Sumer doesn’t seem to mind the trade off as Fernando lets go of his feet and makes his way up to his lips! They make out, it’s sexy and intense and you can tell these boys want each other by the way they grab and kiss and undress.

Fernando goes down on Nick, teasing him through his boxers before ripping those off and getting a taste of Nick’s thick, uncut meat, sucking that thing like it’s the best thing he’s ever put in his mouth! Then Nick gives some oral back before they go back to making out and do some pretty hot docking as Nick wraps his foreskin over Fermando’s cock and jerks those dicks.

All this sexy foreplay leads into even better sex, Nick sits on Fernando's hard cock and moves up and down, stroking his own dick and balls as he gets fucked. They do doggy style next and Fernando destroys Nick’s ass as he plows him…he couldn’t go in deeper if he tried! But when Nick lies on his back and spreads his smooth legs for Fernando, it’s all over as they both fuck until they cum, making a hot mess of Nick!

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  • anonymous on 04/17/2015

    Damn! That was hot how they were docking their cocks together. I am getting to be a big fan of Fernando.