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Troy Taylor And Jamie Delray

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Troy Taylor, Jamie Delrey

Troy Taylor and Jamie Delray have been enjoying their break from school and taking advantage of all that free time by partying hard and fucking a ton!  Lucky for us, we get to have a little glimpse into what that crazy college sex life is like! All that fucking has done nothing to diminish their drive, and these boys get their clothes off and their mouths on each other in a flash, kissing and then getting right to the cock sucking.

Troy gives Jamie some head, sucking on his balls and licking that dick until it’s standing at attention. And Jamie is quick to return the favor, deepthroating Troy’s big prick and licking his balls before he bends over and gets his ass eaten by Troy, rimming that tight little hole as he buries his face in his ass. 

Once Jamie’s ass is slick with Troy’s spit, he climbs on top and slides Troy’s cock in, bouncing up and down as his ass stretches around that thick prick. Troy fucks Jamie deep and hard, ramming him from all angles and making his tight ass sore until Jamie can’t take anymore and they both shoot their load everywhere!

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  • Thisjosh26 on 09/05/2014

    OMG, Troy just gets sexier & hotter w/each video he does. Oh man what I wouldn't give to be the one in bed w/him, he's incredibly sexy. I love his cute face, blue eyes, hot chest & nipples, hairy trailed stomach, nice big cock, hairy legs & ass down to his sexy feet, damn! I do love Jamie's uncut cock, uncut is smoking hot, he's got some sweet nipples & sexy feet as well. A really good video, too bad they have to use the condom though.

    • anonymous on 08/30/2014

      I love Troy Taylor's underwear looks! He's got an excellent body!!! and his undies are sexy...

      • ronny5w on 08/29/2014

        Nice to see Jamie get rimmed