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Troy Taylor Breaks Jacob Gamble In

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Troy Taylor, Jacob Gamble

Jacob Gamble interrupts Troy Taylor’s study session and Troy isn’t shy about letting Jacob know that he wants him!  They don’t waste much time, getting right to the cock-sucking as Troy goes down on Jacob, pulling that delicious meat in and out of his mouth and kissing his way up and down Jacob’s hard shaft.  While Troy is giving Jacob some amazing oral, he makes sure to give his own cock some attention, pulling it out of his shorts and stroking it as he keeps Jacob’s prick in his mouth. 

But Jacob wants some dick, too, and he sits down to give Troy head, letting Troy face-fuck him as he chokes on that cock.  Jacob’s hot oral skills get Troy super horny and he goes right for that ass, rimming Jacob’s tight hole before shoving his cock in it!  Jacob straddles Troy, riding that prick hard as he spreads his ass wide apart so that Troy can get his dick deep inside.  

Troy wants a little more control and he bends Jacob over and fucks him that way, pumping Jacob full of his hard cock as Jacob moans for more.  One last change in positions as Troy tops Jacob and these boys are shooting their white-hot loads all over!

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  • Thisjosh26 on 10/29/2014

    Jacob is one lucky guy, getting fucked by Troy Taylor is fucking AWESOME! There is not one bad thing about Troy, he's perfection top to bottom & everything in between. I wish I could share a room w/Troy or at least live a few doors down, I'd have that hot body of his naked everyday, I love him he is as sexy as sexy gets, Thank you Troy!