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Santiago Figueroa Fucks Tyson Pierce

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Tyson Pierce, Santiago Figueroa

Santiago Figueroa was living it up last night, partying and dancing, but poor Tyson Pierce didn’t get to have any fun…Santiago is about to change that for him!  They start with some kisses as Santiago runs his hands along Tyson’s body, up his thigh and toward his cock as they continue to make out.  Tyson gets a little taste of Santiago’s big cock, running his tongue along it before he gets pushed back onto the bed and gets his own cock sucked! 

Santiago gives Tyson some delicious oral, deepthroating that cock before Tyson returns the favor, putting his ass in Santiago’s face while he sucks his cock and lets Santiago give him a rimjob.  Santiago fingers Tyson’s tight ass, using his own spit for lube as he licks up and down that ass and explores Tyson’s hole with his mouth.  He takes his time preparing Tyson’s ass before he finally slides his cock inside it, pumping Tyson full of his thick, throbbing meat and making him moan as he takes that dick. 

Santiago tops Tyson any way he pleases, pounding him hard from all angles and positions and then taking a break from all that fucking to blow him, finger him and do some 69ing!  Once they start fucking again, it’s not long before these two are shooting their load, getting cum everywhere…but Santiago is quick to clean it up!

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  • Thisjosh26 on 10/12/2014

    Wow, Santiago was exceptional in this video, extremely horny & raring to go, I loved it. I really love how he plays w/the guy's ass & licks up both of their cum. Though I wish he could've fucked him BB, as he opened his ass & came on it anyway. I really love that big ole cock he has, it's fucking awesome! Tyson was great as well, taking that big cock all the way, I'm jealous of him, I'd love to be the one Santiago fucks!!!