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Sexy Ty Royal And Owen Michaels Flip Fuck

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Ty Royal, Owen Michaels

Ty Royal and Owen Michaels kick off this flip scene with a hardcore makeout session, kissing and touching as Ty climbs on top of Owen, straddling him as they kiss.  They get more involved, running their hands along each other’s body as the clothes come off piece by piece and Ty works his way down to Owen’s big dick. 

He takes that cock in his mouth and works it, sucking on it as he uses his hand and mouth in tandem to drive Owen over the edge!  But just in case his oral skills weren’t enough, Ty gives Owen a rimjob, burying his face in Owen’s ass as he licks his tight asshole.  When he’s gotten Owen’s hole wet and relaxed, he shoves his prick inside and fucks him, going fast, then slow so that Owen can feel every movement of Ty’s dick inside of him! 

He rides him doggy style before pulling out and letting Owen suck his hard prick, licking up and down the long shaft and sucking on the sensitive tip as Ty watches from above.  Ty is in for a treat as Owen bends him over and licks his ass, rimming that tight little entrance before they 69 and then Owen tops Ty, slipping his cock inside and pounding him hard.  Owen fucks Ty as he lies back on the bed, legs spread and jerking his dick until he cums all over, then Owen pulls out and strokes one out onto Ty.

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  • cutheire on 10/25/2014

    They did it right all the way.......tu

    • anonymous on 10/22/2014

      So hot together. SO HOT! And a flip flop scene! What more could a guy want. I guess more of these!!!