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Owen Michaels Known As Superman Tops Roman Daniels

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Roman Daniels, Owen Michaels

Owen Michaels and Roman Daniels are super horny and ready to fuck, and it’ll be a good one because Roman hasn’t bottomed in over a year!  But before he gets his asshole stretched, he undresses Owen and licks all over his body, his chest, abs, arms, thighs, teasing him until he finally gets that tongue on Owen’s dick.  He pulls Owen’s huge prick in and out of his mouth, sucking on his balls and running his wet tongue along his hard shaft as Owen watches him from above. 

Owen wants a taste of Roman as well, and his next move shows why he has earned the middle name “Superman”, as he lifts Roman up and flips him around, 69ing while standing up!  Owen throws Roman onto the bed and they continue to 69 for a bit until Roman insists on riding Owen’s giant cock, and of course Owen doesn’t refuse! 

Roman climbs on top of Owen and sits on that throbbing prick, going slow so his tight ass can adjust to Owen’s size.  Once he’s got that dick all the way in, he lets loose and rides it hard, letting Owen take charge and fuck him anyway he wants until Roman is cumming all over himself!  Owen pulls out and shoots his load right onto Roman’s face, and Roman cleans up any of the left overs on Owen’s dick!

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  • ssanders on 11/07/2014

    OMG - this is off the chart, hot! I didn't realize how hot it is seeing the biceps licked and played with. Owen and Roman would make a great start on a high energy orgy with lots of flipping. I broke a nut on this one. 5+