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Dillon Anderson And Owen Michaels Fuck Stefan Nash

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Owen Michaels, Stefan Nash, Dillon Anderson

Owen Michaels takes the lead when we bring two new guys into the studio for a threesome: Stefan Nash and Dillon Anderson.  He lets them introduce themselves before he suggests that they start making out and take their shirts off, and they don’t seem to mind being told what to do!  Owen sits back on the bed and rubs his dick as he watches these two newbies put on a show, with Dillon making his way down to Stefan’s cock and then taking that huge dick in his mouth. 

Owen decides to get in on the action and shoves his cock into Dillon’s face, demanding some oral as Dillon tries to please both dudes at once.  Stefan gives head next, deepthroating those two pricks before taking it up the ass with Dillon pounding him from behind as Stefan sucks Owen’s cock. Owen wants a piece of that ass, though, and he gets Stefan to sit on his dick next, letting him ride that cock as his own dick bounces up and down as they fuck hard!  Owen and Dillon take another turn topping Stefan before he cums all over himself, and the other two aren’t far behind him, shooting some huge loads as Owen unloads onto Stefan’s face!

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  • PrettyIrishBoy on 12/20/2014

    Definitely need to see these three in more three ways with each other !

    • mtfr810 on 12/20/2014

      Thrilled to see Dillion Anderson on CD! He's such a hottie!