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Brandon Rivers And Dylan Marks

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Dylan Marks, Brandon Rivers

The look on Dylan Marks’s face as he and Brandon Rivers grab and kiss each other shows just how badly he wants Brandon, and Brandon doesn’t refuse him too long! Their hot make out session leads to even hotter oral as Dylan drops to his knees and blows Brandon, that hard cock filling up his whole mouth as Brandon pushes it deeper down Dylan’s throat. Lucky Brandon gets to enjoy even more of Dylan’s mouth around his cock before he turns Dylan over and eats his ass, rimming Dylan’s sensitive entrance and getting that tight asshole relaxed for his big cock! 

Brandon slides his fat prick into Dylan, filling him up and fucking him deep, making Dylan moan as he gets pounded from all different positions.  When Dylan lies on his back and spreads his legs, Brandon enters him and stretches his hole with that long shaft while Dylan jerks his own member fast and hard until he nuts all over himself.  Brandon pulls out and massages his dick until he strokes out a big load onto Dylan’s balls, exchanging one last kiss before going to clean themselves up!

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  • alaskabeth on 06/18/2016

    Fuck, "College" never tasted so good! <3

    • studrunner on 06/17/2016

      These two really do have good chemistry. I was surprised that Brandon did not want to suck Dylan's fine cock, but he did make up for it with some good rimming and with his fine side fucking. Dylan really looked like it was going to hurt but at the same time you could tell he really wanted to be mounted and fucked and he got what he wanted which was great for us. Thanks for the passion !