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Conner Mason And Brandon Rivers

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Brandon Rivers, Conner Mason

Conner Mason and Brandon Rivers are two sexy guys looking to have some fun and get their dick sucked, and they get right at each other, kissing and touching until Conner goes down on Brandon.  Conner sucks Brandon's sweet cock, massaging that hard dick with his hand and mouth as he sucks on Brandon's balls! Brandon rubs the tip of his cock across Conner's lips, making sure he tastes the precum before Conner lies back on the bed and it’s Brandon's turn to give him head!  

Brandon blows Conner and then lifts Conner's ass up, spreads it open and buries his face in it, rimming Conner's tight little hole and then slowly sliding his cock inside of it.  Conner moans as he takes Brandon's full length up his ass, feeling it deep inside of him as Brandon fucks him nice and slow, slapping Conner's ass as he pounds him.  Conner rides Brandon's cock, moving his ass up and down on that fat dick as Brandon sits back and enjoys the view of Conner jerking his own member until he comes right in front of him!  Brandon pulls out and stands over Conner, stroking his throbbing shaft until he drains his cum into Conner's open mouth!

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  • dwayne2015 on 06/09/2016

    Both of these guys are really HOT! Hope to see a lot more scenes from them.

    • studrunner on 06/03/2016

      Two sexy boys that find out they like what the other has to offer. I really like the shape of Brandon's fine cock. Also good to see two guys with a little hair on their chest.