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Jay Alexander And Zeke Weidman

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Zeke Weidman, Jay Alexander

Zeke Weidman is grabbing for Jay Alexander’s cock the moment their lips meet, desperate to get to that big dick as he sucks Jay’s nipple and each of them strip off their clothes.  Jay works his way down to Zeke’s juicy prick first, taking that sweet cock in his mouth and giving some amazing oral as he deepthroats Zeke’s hard cock and licks his balls. 

When it’s Zeke’s turn to go down on Jay, he tackles that huge dick like a man, shoving it down his throat and working it with his hand as he gets that curved cock harder and harder!  Jay gives Zeke’s ass some attention next, spreading him apart and burying his face between those nice ass cheeks, rimming and fingering Zeke’s tight hole before he buries his cock in it next! 

He pushes into Zeke slowly, letting him adjust to that big dick filling him up, and when he can’t hold back any longer he fucks him hard.  Zeke takes that dick, bouncing his ass up and down on it while Jay admires the view from behind until they fall onto the bed and fuck some more! They flip and Zeke tops Jay, giving that ass a good pounding until he can’t hold his cum in any longer and busts a nut, pulling out and helping Jay stroke one out too!

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  • studrunner on 06/24/2016

    The chemistry between these two was more like two committed lovers. The fucking was just incredible. Few tops so effectively make love to their bottoms so well but Jay seems to have that down pretty well. Jay's power thrusts were awesome and Zeke seemed to want each one with the same passion that it was delivered with. I could have dropped the sucking to have more of these two fucking. A super hot scene that made me hard !