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Conner Mason And Justin Andrews

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Conner Mason , Justin Andrews

Conner Mason and Justin Andrews keep their lips locked as they get each other warmed up, making out until Conner is ready for a taste of Justin’s meat and he gets on the floor and sucks that sweet cock! Justin returns the oral, running his tongue along Conner’s shaft and working that dick with his hand and mouth as Conner pushes his head farther onto his cock. 

As much as Justin loves Conner’s dick in his mouth, Conner has a different kind of oral in mind and he bends Justin over the bed and gives him a rimjob, yanking on his own cock as he eats Justin’s ass. When Justin’s ass is lubed up with Conner’s spit, he slides his cock inside and pumps in and out slowly, letting Justin feel every inch of him as he goes deeper in Justin’s ass! They try another position and Justin can’t get enough as he spreads his legs wide and lets Conner inside him, fucking him until Justin busts a nut and Conner pulls out to stroke out a big load of his own cum!

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  • Childofthe70s on 08/14/2016

    Conner's hairy body and big dick are so hot. I'd give anything if he'd fuck me and then let me drink gallons of his sweet male love juice. Wow...

    • blueplaid on 08/12/2016

      Conner's hairy chest is hot !

      • studrunner on 08/12/2016

        I like the hair on Conner's chest. They both seemed to enjoy themselves and I enjoyed watching them.