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Sasha Alexander And Kyle Stone

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Sasha Alexander, Kyle Stone

Sasha Alexander and Kyle Stone are in the studio today and these two horny studs are ready for a good fuck, and they get things heated up with a quick makeout session before Kyle’s on his knees. Kyle takes Sasha’s cock in his mouth and deepthroats that huge shaft, almost choking as he Sasha’s impressive length disappears down Kyle’s throat. 

Sasha lies back on the bed and enjoys Kyle’s lips around his dick before sitting up to give him oral next, licking Kyle’s cock, balls, and ass, rimming and fingering his tight hole before both these guys are hard as fuck and Sasha’s ready to pound some ass!  Kyle climbs on top and straddles Sasha, lowering himself onto Sasha’s huge prick and riding it hard while he strokes his own member and Sasha watches Kyle play with himself.

Kyle gets on all fours and Sasha takes him from behind, fucking him hard and deep, Kyle’s ass cheeks bouncing as Sasha thrusts into him and makes him moan.  Kyle turns onto his back and spreads his ass, letting Sasha’s cock fill him up inside as Kyle works his own dick until he cums and then Sasha pulls out and drains his meat onto Kyle’s cum-covered belly!

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  • stanton on 08/28/2016

    Wow! Totally fantastic. Best in a while! Hope to see a lot more of both of them. I hope there'll be another one of them together. I can also think of other people I'd like to see each of them with, but I'll leave that to you. Keep up the good work.

    • studrunner on 08/26/2016

      These two really love to suck cock well, but nothing could match their desire to fuck. Sasha really enjoys pounding Kyles hot hole and he does it with real passion. The photographer really got some awesome closeups of Kyles great looking ass getting pounded from behind when he moved under the pair.. The whole fuck scene was just incredibly hot.