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Conner Mason , Leo North

Leo North and Conner Mason lock lips and get each other warmed up as they kiss gently, making out until Conner can’t suppress his craving for cock anymore and goes down on Leo.  Conner pulls Leo’s fat dick in and out of his wet mouth, playing with his own hard prick as he sucks on Leo’s sweet cock.  They switch and now it’s Leo’s turn to get a taste of Conner’s meat as he blows him, massaging Conner’s balls as he presses his soft lips against Conner’s shaft. 

When they’ve had their fill of oral, Conner gets on all fours on the bed and lets Leo slide his cock inside, taking it slow as Leo gives Conner a few good spanks as he fucks him.  Once Conner’s ass has adjusted to Leo’s thick cock, Leo pounds him harder and deeper, shoving his throbbing member balls deep in Conner’s ass while Conner jerks his own dick from behind.  They change positions and Conner lays on his back, legs spread and ass full of Leo’s huge prick as Conner moans for more of that amazing cock.  Conner yanks on his own dick until he cums and Leo gets in a few more thrusts before pulling out and getting off!

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  • studrunner on 09/04/2016

    I really get turned on watching a guy get a really good fucking and even more so when I can see the pain on his face and hear him moan from each thrust. This is the kind of fucking that Leo gives Conner making this a very hot fuck !!!!!

    • Rikven on 09/04/2016

      Wow! Leo's got a beautiful cock and a hot, hairy stomach!

      • stanton on 09/02/2016

        Diversity: yes! Hairy chests: yes!