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Anthony Jones And Jay Alexander

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Jay Alexander, Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones and Jay Alexander have a sexy chemistry between them, and they can barely keep their lips apart long enough to take off their shirts before they go right back to making out.  Jay grabs for Anthony’s cock and ass, but it’s Anthony who goes down on Jay first, swallowing that fat cock as Jay pushes it farther down Anthony’s throat.  As Jay grows harder on Anthony’s tongue, Jay gets Anthony on the bed and gives him oral, deepthroating that long shaft as Anthony watches him suck that dick. 

Jay goes for Anthony’s ass next, rimming and fingering Anthony’s tight hole before bending over and letting Anthony claim Jay’s ass with his big cock!  Jay arches his back and takes Anthony’s prick, grinding against it as the two collapse onto the bed and fuck some more.  They kiss as Anthony fills Jay up with his prick, getting into a different position and spreading Jay’s legs apart and pounding him deep while he plays with his own dick.  Jay strokes his hard cock until he cums all over himself and then lies back and lets Anthony bust a nut on him next!

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  • studrunner on 11/06/2016

    Jay does take Anthony's big cock well. It made for a hot fuck.