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Chase Klein And Conner Mason

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Conner Mason , Chase Klein

Chase Klein and Conner Mason run their hands across each other’s sexy body as they make out, only taking a break from their kisses to strip down and undress.  Chase lies back on the bed and lets Conner give him head, watching him work as he sucks that thick cock and strokes it with his hand, getting Chase good and hard before standing up and letting Chase go down on him.  Chase pulls Conner’s sweet cock in and out of wet mouth and then the guys 69, each with a dick down their throat as they make each other horny as fuck. 

Conner can’t wait any longer, he wants Chase’s prick in his ass and he climbs on top of Chase, straddles that cock and lowers his ass onto it slowly.  Once he’s gotten that dick balls deep, Chase fucks Conner hard and fast, doing him doggy style next as Conner’s supple ass bounces with each of Chase’s deep thrusts.  Conner gets on his back and takes Chase’s dick while he plays with himself, jerking his own member until he cums on himself and then lets Chase cum on his face and chest!

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  • studrunner on 11/18/2016

    Two studs with great passion. Chase Klein delivered one of the hottest power fucks I have ever seen on this site. He combined great stamina with fucking lust to give one of the hottest fucks ever !!!! Conner Mason showed he could really take a pounding for sure.