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Scott Demarco And Mike Maverick

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Scott Demarco, Mike Maverick

Scott Demarco and Mike Maverick lose their shirts as they kiss and tease each other’s cock, playing with those already hard dicks until Mike decides he needs a taste of Scott’s meat.  Mike kneels in front of Scott and sucks that sweet cock, choking on that dick as Scott facefucks him while Mike gently strokes his own member.  When Scott gives Mike oral, he licks and sucks every inch of that big prick, deepthroating it and making Mike moan. 

Scott earns even more moans from Mike when he bends him over and eats his ass, rimming that super tight hole and fingering it a little before he rubs his cock between those round ass cheeks.  When Scott has teased Mike enough he slides his dick inside him and eases it in and out, letting Mike’s ass stretch around his thick cock before he fucks him harder.  Mike takes Scott’s hard dick on his back and then straddles Scott and rides it until he cums all over Scott, who pulls out and covers Mike in his hot jizz next!

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  • studrunner on 11/21/2016

    Scott Demarco has one of the best looking cocks I have ever seen on this site.

    • Thick85 on 11/12/2016

      These guys look amazing together. I love Mike, and I'm becoming a very big fan of Scott. Keep it up CD, amazing updates lately.