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Kory Houston Fucks Braxton Smith

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Braxton Smith, Kory Houston

Kory Houston and Braxton Smith can’t get undressed fast enough, and they’ve only exchanged a few kisses before they’re both naked, cocks already standing at attention as they press them together and continue to make out.  Kory sits back on the bed and lets Braxton fill his mouth with his big dick as Kory sucks and deepthroats that fat cock. 

Braxton has a harder time with Kory’s huge prick, barely able to fit the length of that impressive cock in his mouth, so he settles for licking the shaft and tonguing the tip as he drools all over Kory’s sweet prick.  Our boys 69 next, with Braxton getting a face full of dick and Kory a mouth full of ass as he rims Braxton’s hole and explores it with his fingers

Braxton even fingers his own hole to prep himself for Kory’s giant dick, but nothing could prepare him for that cock as Kory enters Braxton slowly, then starts thrusting harder and faster, getting deep inside of Braxton as he moans.  They switch positions, Braxton on all fours getting fucked, then Braxton taking control as he straddles Kory and rides that throbbing dick until he’s ready to come, flipping Kory over and using his ass to get himself off, shooting his load onto Kory’s back and then helping Kory drain his cock next!

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