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Zeke Weidman And Roman Chase

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Zeke Weidman, Roman Chase

Zeke Weidman is making sure Roman Chase’s needs are very well taken care of as they kiss and Zeke works his way down to Roman’s hard cock, sucking that meat and then letting Roman get his mouth on Zeke’s!

Roman deepthroats Zeke’s dick, shoving all the way down his throat and then letting Zeke get a second helping of Roman’s prick as he sucks and drools on that sweet cock! These boys gets their fill of oral and face-fucking before the real fun starts, and Zeke lubes up himself and his partner before bending Roman over and taking that fine ass. He sticks Roman with his long shaft, making him moan as he pounds the fuck out of him while Roman grabs his junk and jerks himself off while Zeke slams into him from behind.

Roman climbs on top and straddles Zeke, riding Zeke’s throbbing hard prick and stuffing his ass full of that amazing cock, until they switch positions and Zeke is claiming that ass again, stretching Roman’s tight hole as he goes in deep and hard. Roman strokes his own dick until he comes hard, and Zeke pulls out and shoots his load right onto Roman’s cock and balls, finishing that hot fuck with a few more kisses!

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  • alaskabeth on 10/20/2015

    Very hot scene, but I think Roman needs more than one top to truly satisfy him!

    • Ekgeorgi01 on 12/09/2015

      Hi. Hot video!