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Javier Cruz, Zaq Wolf

Javier Cruz and Zaq Wolf take their time getting warmed up as they kiss and touch, dropping their clothes piece by piece until they’re both naked and Zaq’s got Javier’s cock in his hand, stroking it while they make out!  Javier’s prick is already hard by the time Zaq’s mouth gets to it, and Zaq tackles that long, fat dick with his warm lips, pulling it in and out of his wet mouth while Javier watches him work that meat. 

After all that cock-sucking, Zaq is due for some oral next and Javier certainly delivers, stroking Zaq’s cock with his mouth and hand as Zaq’s dick grows hard as fuck!  As good as that oral feels on Zaq’s cock, it’s just not as good as the feeling of a tight ass and so he bends Javier over and takes him, shoving his long dick inside of him and fucking him hard while Javier opens up for that fat cock! 

They take a break from fucking to do some rimming, Javier eating Zaq’s tight ass out before lubing up and shoving his cock inside of it as they flip, each guy getting to enjoy the feeling of a tight ass around their prick today!  Javier fucks Zaq slow and steady, filling up his tight ass with his shaft as Zaq jerks his dick, then Javier pulls out and strokes his own cock until they both unload their cum at the same time, Javier’s cumshot making it all the way to Zaq’s face as they finish off their last few strokes!

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  • Childofthe70s on 11/27/2015

    Zaq you are one sexy handsome stud. Love your hairy ass, hairstyle, dick, and study good-looking face. More of you, puhleez!

    • gadgef on 11/27/2015

      Zaq is heaven sent. Love everything about him.