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Grayson Danielz Taught About Fucking By Conner Mason

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Conner Mason , Grayson Danielz

What starts out as an innocent study session between students leads to something a lot more fun When Grayson Danielz helps Conner Mason relax after some tense exam prep.  A few shoulder rubs leads to some making out, and then these two horny guys are giving up the kisses for some cock as they suck on each other’s sweet dicks!  They take turns giving head and then both get a mouthful of meat when they 69, Grayson sucking on Conner’s balls and fingering that tight little ass before getting him on all fours and rimming his hole. 

Grayson gives Conner’s ass a few good smacks before he penetrates him, pushing every inch of his big huge shaft into Conner’s hole and fucking him hard.  Conner moans as Grayson dominates his ass, climbing onto the bed with him and pounding him from every angle while Conner plays with himself, stroking his cock hard and fast until he shoots his load.  Grayson fucks Conner a few more seconds until he can’t hold his cum in any longer and pulls out, busting a nut on Conner!

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  • stanton on 03/20/2017

    I really like Grayson. He looks good. He fucks hard. Connor is always good. Let's see a flip.