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Juan Carlos And Zeke Weidman

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Zeke Weidman, Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos and Zeke Weidman make out and Juan can’t keep his hands off Zeke’s big cock, stroking it while they kiss until Zeke lays him back on the bed and captures that sweet dick with his mouth. Juan’s eyes close in pleasure as Zeke sucks on his balls and cock and then they trade places and Juan gets a good taste of Zeke’s meat, swinging his legs around so that they can 69. When those fat dicks are throbbing hard Juan climbs on top of Zeke and straddles his cock, lowering his ass onto it and slowly sitting down as he struggles to take the full length of Zeke’s shaft up that tight entrance. 

Once he’s got his ass stretched around Zeke’s member, Zeke fucks him hard, ramming his thick dick into Juan while Juan holds his ass open and lets Zeke get deep inside. When Juan’s sore ass needs a break it’s time for Zeke to get a pounding and the guys flip, Zeke on his back taking Juan’s cock while his balls slap against Zeke’s ass as he fucks him. Juan fucks the cum out of Zeke and pulls out, busting a nut all over Zeke’s abs before leaning in for one last kiss.

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  • JayBeeman0312 on 04/21/2017

    I love Zeke Weidman so much!!!! So glad to see this sexy stud back in another hot scene!!! Please let there be many more hot scenes with this sexy man!!!

    • Hung1985 on 04/21/2017

      Very nice!! They look really nice together.

      • stanton on 04/21/2017

        Great! We love flips!