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Javier Cruz, Alex Gray

Our two studs, Javier Cruz and Alex Gray, feel each other up while they press their lips together, making out and grabbing for those cocks until Alex can’t keep his mouth off any longer and goes down on Javier. He sucks on Javier’s knob, getting him nice and hard and then lies back on the bed to receive some oral next, letting Javier push that cock deep down his throat as he gets a good taste of that sweet prick.  Javier turns Alex over and sticks that tongue between Alex’s ass cheeks, rimming his tight hole while he pulls on Alex’s dick. 

When Javier’s got that ass wet he slowly pushes his hard cock into it and fucks Alex from behind, filling his tight ass up with dick as Alex moans with each thrust. Javier flips Alex over onto his back and takes him that way, legs spread and cock in hand, Alex bottoms for Javier as they exchange a few kisses as they fuck.  Alex begs to get pounded harder and Javier gives it to him, dominating that ass until Alex strokes out a huge load and Javier pulls out a cums right on top of him!

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  • Amos15 on 05/22/2017

    Alex Gray is a handsome guy and a good performer! Javier is most always good.

    • JKTull57 on 05/19/2017

      Javier, you look hot in this scene! You made the right decision by not plucking the eye brows anymore and the fuller beard and bush! I have only viewed the gallery pics but can't wait to see the vid later. Alex Gray is a cute bottom here, too!