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Timothy Rivers And Jay Alexander

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Jay Alexander, Timothy Rivers

When the camera starts rolling, horny Jay Alexander and Timothy Rivers are already on the bed making out, their lips pressing against each other as they take their clothes off piece by piece.  Jay goes down on Timothy, taking that big cock in his mouth and sucking it hard as Timothy pushes it farther down his throat, moaning as he grows harder between Jay’s lips.  They switch places and Timothy gets a mouthful of meat next, sucking that dick and letting Jay facefuck him as he deepthroats that cock and then gets Jay on the bed to eat his ass

After a rimjob from Timothy, Jay sticks that sweet ass in the air and lets Timothy bury every inch of his long shaft in it, fucking him hard doggy style.  After Timothy’s gotten Jay’s tight hole warmed up, he flips him over and takes him that way, legs spread and ass sore as Jay bottoms for Timothy.  As they get closer, Jay grabs his own dick and strokes it hard until Timothy fucks the cum right out of him and then pulls out and nuts all over Jay, leaning in for a few more kisses before calling it quits for the day!

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