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Trent Ferris Fucks Sam Truitt

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Trent Ferris, Sam Truitt

Trent and Sam starts things off nice and slow, making out for a while before undressing, but once
they get started things heat up real quick! Sam goes down on Trent first, kneeling on the floor as
Trent lays on the bed. Sam takes Trent’s huge dick in his mouth, running his mouth and tongue
along the shaft and giving some extra attention to his sensitive tip. Trent is loving every minute of
it, but that doesn’t stop him from returning the favor! He gets on the floor and slides Sam’s
throbbing cock into his wet mouth. Sam watches from above as Trent pleases him, but these two
are ready to take it up a notch as Trent lubes up his cock and Sam lays down on the bed! Trent
climbs on top and slides his dick into Sam’s ass real slow, giving him time to adjust to his size before
picking up the pace a bit, pounding him harder and faster as Sam moans in ecstasy. They lay
sideways next and Trent fucks him from the side as Sam jerks his own cock, loving the feeling of
Trent’s big dick inside! They switch positions once more, with Sam on his back, legs spread wide,
and Trent standing as he fucks him some more. Sam works his dick, jerking it hard until he comes,
Trent’s cock still buried deep in his ass. Trent is ready for release as well and shoots his hot load
inside Sam’s tight ass! What a hot fuck!

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