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Jacques Lavere Fucks Alex Jordan

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Alex Jordan, Jacques Lavere

Jacques and Alex start things off right with some slow, sensual kisses, exploring each other’s body
before their hands wander south toward those nice big cocks. Jacques goes down on Alex first,
taking off his boxers and shoving Alex’s dick in his mouth, getting it sopping wet before running his
hand up and down his shaft and massaging it against Alex’s firm stomach. Jacques knows how to
please as he fingers Alex’s asshole while working his cock with his mouth. Jacques wants his turn,
though, as he pulls away from Alex’s big dick, kissing him before leaning back, waiting for Alex’s
warm mouth on his huge cock. He doesn’t have to wait long as Alex takes Jacques’s thick dick in his
mouth, running his tongue along the tip and working the shaft with his hand. After working
Jacques’s cock with his mouth, the two take it up a notch and the real fun begins as they turn on
their side and Jacques sticks his huge cock into Alex’s waiting ass. Jacques pumps Alex full of his
cock, shoving it deep inside as the two exchange a few kisses before switching positions. They fuck
doggy style now, with Alex on his knees and Jacques pounding him from behind, getting his cock in
even deeper than before! These two keep it fresh, switching positions again with Alex on his back
and Jacques fucking him from above. Alex works his own cock with his hand while Jacques pounds
him hard and fast, shooting his load onto his stomach. Jacques pulls out, working his own cock with
his hand, eager to come as he jerks himself faster until he cums all over Alex!

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