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Sam Truitt Fucks Trent Ferris

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Trent Ferris, Sam Truitt

These two start things off with some innocent kisses, but it doesn’t stay innocent for long as the
clothes come off and Sam takes Trent’s cock in his mouth. He works Trent’s member expertly,
deepthroating it and sucking on his balls. Sam tongues Trent’s tip a bit as he plays with his own
dick. Trent is definitely enjoying Sam’s hot mouth on his cock as he takes it in and out, licking his
way up and down Trent’s long shaft. Trent grabs Sam’s huge cock, pumping it lightly as Sam
continues to suck him off. The two switch it up, exchanging some kisses before Trent goes down on
Sam, taking his throbbing cock in his wet mouth, running his tongue along his long shaft. Sam holds
Trent’s cock in his hand as Trent works Sam’s dick with his mouth, shoving it deep into the back of
his throat. The two kiss again before Trent stands up and gets himself ready and lubed up for Sam’s
huge cock, lowering his tight ass onto Sam’s waiting dick. Trent rides Sam’s cock until he lets Sam
take over for a while, letting him shove his big dick deep inside. These two keep it hot as they
switch positions, Trent climbing onto his back and spreading his legs, ready to take Sam’s cock
again. There’s no hesitation on Sam’s part as he sticks his hard cock into Trent’s tight ass, fucking
him deep and slow, enjoying every sensation. Trent plays with himself as Sam continues to fuck
him, jerking his cock hard as Sam pulls his dick in and out of Trent’s ass. Trent shoots his load and
then it’s Sam’s turn as he pulls out, working his cock with his hand before busting a nut right on
Trent’s toned stomach. This is one hot pair!

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