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Troy Taylor Tops Tommy White

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Tommy White, Troy Taylor

Tommy is back, still as boyish and smooth as ever, and he’s about to get his ass dominated by Troy!  There’s not too much chat between these two, they’re ready to cut to the chase and get right to the fucking and sucking as they kiss, strip, and get on the bed. 

Tommy is the first to get his dick sucked as Troy wraps his lips around that cock and makes it hard, getting it to full size before Tommy does the same and gives Troy head, eyeing Troy’s prick like it’s candy as he sucks it and rubs his balls.  These two must be horny because they can hardly wait to get to the fucking, and once Troy’s dick is good and hard he gets that twink Tommy on top of him and plugs his tight ass with his thick meat! 

Troy guides Tommy as he bounces on top of him, moving his dick in and out slowly before he fucks him doggy style, bending him over and slamming him deep with his throbbing cock as Tommy clenches in pain and pleasure.  Once Troy gets Tommy on his back it’s all over and they both finish with some delicious cumshots and a satisfied look on their faces!

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  • rob57tilburg on 05/16/2014

    i want to see much much more of tommy coz this boy looks soo fucking cute