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Bryan Cavallo Sings & Plays Guitar

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In this short clip, check out College Dudes' veteran and singer/songwriter, Bryan Cavallo, as he sings what it's like being a College Dude!

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  • resgcm on 09/02/2014

    Man....more! more !

    • tascott on 07/13/2014

      This is brilliant! He could be doing this--singing--full time. he's got it all: the looks, the voice, the personality. What's not to love?

      • seaguypnp on 07/07/2014

        Great voice, great guitar playing, and of course he has the looks, being tall, muscular and hung. I can see him going far in Nashville.

        • alaskabethfoster on 06/24/2014

          Although I do prefer Bryan Cavallo naked, and fucking a guy, I have to say he has a sexy voice and can strum a guitar!

          • anonymous on 06/11/2014

            He really has an amazing voice! I loved it!