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Brian Cavallo Fucks Tyson Pierce

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Bryan Cavallo, Tyson Pierce

Tyson loves tall guys, so he’s in heaven when he sees that we’ve paired him with the tall and handsome Brian Cavallo!  In fact, he’s not nervous today at all, he’s so eager to jump on Brian that once we set them loose they’re naked and kissing in a matter of seconds!  Brian lifts Tyson right up onto the bed and sucks on his cock, rubbing that meat with his mouth until it’s standing at attention! 

Then Tyson takes over, eagerly shoving Brian’s dick into his mouth and working it with his lips and hand, deepthroating that huge prick as he gets into it.  Once he’s got that cock hard, he climbs on top of it and sits his tiny ass on that massive dick, letting Brian fuck the shit out of him as he smacks his ass and pounds him hard! 

While his cock is buried in Tyson, Brian stands up and holds him while he bounces up and down on that dick before dropping him on the bed and ramming him super hard and deep doggy style, giving Tyson’s fine ass another slap before he gets him on his back and pounds him the cum right out of him.  Brian fucks him a little longer before he’s ready to explode and Tyson gets on his knees to catch as much of that jizz as he can and getting his first facial!

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  • ssanders on 07/29/2014

    One of the best ever. What a fantasy with the height difference. Amazing HOT. Tyson would make a good top with the right bottom... B-Cavallo? Hmmmm. Do I hear flipflop? I tried to rate a 6! More of Tyson please.. body

    • cuatepec1 on 07/25/2014

      that was one of he hottest fuck seens ever!!!!! love them both :)