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Troy Taylor Tops Asher Hawk

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Asher Hawk, Troy Taylor

Troy and Asher have been holding back their instinct to fuck each other for 12 whole hours, and they are more than a little excited to finally get to act on those dirty instincts!  In fact, both of these boys are hard before the clothes even come off, and once we unleash them onto each other they’re getting naked and giving head in a matter of seconds! 

They both go down on each other, enjoying some oral and get their fill of that thick meat before Troy satisfies another craving….a taste for Asher’s hairy ass!  He rims that tight hole, spitting on it and licking it back up as Asher enjoys this extra treat just as much as Troy does!  Troy adds a little lube to Asher’s sopping wet asshole and sticks his cock right in, fucking him as he plays with Asher’s dick from behind. 

These boys are in their own little world, Asher clearly enjoying bottoming for Troy as he shoves his prick inside any way he can until he’s got Asher on his back and they’re both busting a nut onto Asher’s stomach.  It’d be an understatement to say that these two enjoyed their sexy little rendezvous!

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  • Thisjosh26 on 07/12/2014

    Wow, Troy is absolutely incredible in this video. While fucking Asher he reached around him jerking him off, he kissed his leg then went to his foot & he was fucking him different than most guys fuck which made it even better & I'd say he's very good w/his tongue while rimming a guy as well. I really loved how attracted to one another as well. Both guys were Excellent in this video, it also got Troy into my list of 'Favorites' as well as the video, Excellent job guys!!!

    • emerald78 on 07/02/2014

      Hot vid !!