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Marco Santana Fucks Alex Greene Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Marco Santana
Alexander Greene

Marco Santana takes the lead, laying Alex Greene back on the bed slowly as he kisses his lips, his neck, running his hands over Alex’s body while Alex loses one piece of clothing at a time until he’s naked under Marco.  They keep their lips locked as Marco undresses and then grabs for Alex’s cock and ass, laying down on the bed next to him and letting Alex get a mouthful of his big dick. 

Alex gives some hot oral until Marco’s prick is standing hard and straight and then he pulls his legs back and lets Marco enter him, going slow at first but then taking no mercy as he buries himself in Alex.  His balls slap against Alex’s ass as he pounds him, thrusting deep inside as Alex turns to give him the best angle he can manage while getting his ass ripped apart. 

They kiss some more while Marco fucks him and moves his hips in delicious ways, jerking Alex’s hard dick while he’s inside of him but then giving that up and focusing purely on the penetration so that he can shoot his load across Alex’s back.  Alex strokes one out and drops a huge load onto the bed as he squeezes out every last drop.

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