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Jacob Lance Fucks Stefan Nash Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Stefan Nash
Jacob Lance

Jacob Lance came back, and we’ve put him with the ever-so-sexy Stefan Nash!  These two guys aren’t afraid to take their time, appreciating each other’s lips as they kiss, their bodies as they touch, and finally their cocks as Lance wraps his mouth around Stefan’s dick!  Stefan leans back and gives him full access to his meat as Lance sucks on it, then he swings his body around onto the bed and dangles that cock in front of Stefan’s face, who gladly gives him oral as they 69

Lance gives Stefan a rimjob, licking his tight hole right before he stuffs his cock in it, hardly giving Stefan any time to warm up before he starts pounding him hard!  They switch to a different position that lets Lance get deep inside of Stefan, his balls slapping against Stefan’s ass as he fucks him, making Stefan moan as his ass gets filled with Lance’s hard, fat dick.  When Lance has got Stefan on his back, legs spread, Stefan strokes one out and Lance isn’t far behind, adding his own hot jizz to the mess!

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