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Owen Michaels Fucks Alex Greene Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Owen Michaels
Alexander Greene

Owen Michaels and Alex Greene are paired up for this sexy scene filled with cock-sucking, ass-fucking, making out, and of course, loads of cum!  They take it slow at first, kissing and getting a feel for one another before Alex reaches down and plays with Owen’s bulge before finally ripping off his pants and kneeling down to blow him! 

He licks that cock up and down, letting Owen thrust into him as he relaxes his throat and lets is slide into his mouth.  Now that Alex got him hard, Owen can barely control himself as he climbs on top of Alex and slides his prick right into that tight little hole, shoving it deep inside of Alex as he takes that dick.  They change it up a little, playing to Owen’s strength as Alex balances on his lap and Owen holds him up and rides him hard as Alex’s own stiff cock bounces all over while Owen destroys his ass! 

These two horny boys like it hard and a little rough, and Owen isn’t afraid to position Alex exactly how he wants him, moving them over to the couch next as he fucks him. Alex yanks on his own meat, letting his cock slide between his hand as Owen stretches his ass from behind until finally he shoots his milky load all over, with Owen cumming next, all over his back!

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