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Dillon Anderson And Alex Greene Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Alexander Greene
Dillon Anderson

Alex Greene and Dillon Anderson have some intense chemistry going on between them, and it makes for a very sexy scene! These boys aren’t afraid to take it slow, kissing and touching and exploring each other before their pants come off and their dicks come out!  Dillon goes down on Alex, that huge cock almost too much for him to handle as he tries his best to shove that meat down his throat as Alex watches him struggle to tame that massive dick. 

Next it’s Dillon’s turn for some oral and Alex doesn’t hold back as he massages his balls and sucks his dick, licking the tip and thick shaft while he strokes his own hard prick. Dillon is in for even more of a treat when Alex bends him over the bed and eats his ass, rimming that tiny hole and rubbing it with his fingers before he buries his monster of a dick inside it! 

Dillon spreads his legs apart and lets Alex in deeper, and he goes slow at first as he pumps him full of cock, but once he’s got a taste of that tight hole around his huge dick he can’t help but fuck him harder and faster.  Then they flip and it’s Alex’s ass that’s getting stretched around Dillon’s hard cock as he rides that prick and moans in pleasure. All this fucking is enough to make these boys both explode, shooting a huge load onto Alex as finish with some kisses.

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