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Davey Anthony
Tyler Rush

Davey Anthony interrupts Tyler Rush’s sketching with some gentle kisses, and Tyler doesn’t seem to mind the interruption as he sets aside his sketch pad and jumps right in, kissing Davey back as they rub their cocks through their pants.  As they make out, they lose pieces of clothing here and there, undressing one another and admiring those toned abs and chiseled backs until finally we get to see Tyler’s cock right before Davey sucks it! 

Tyler’s got a taste for sweet cock too, and he pulls Davey’s underwear off and goes right for that prick, sucking it till it’s hard then letting Davey get another mouthful of his dick, making sure it’s hard and ready for fucking! Davey straddles Tyler and sits on his cock, letting it fill up his ass before he starts riding it, bouncing up and down as Tyler thrusts into him. 

They move this little fuckfest to the bed next and Tyler bends Davey over the mattress and fucks him hard, his balls slapping against Davey’s sore ass as he takes that dick without complaint.  Davey moans as Tyler fills him up and smacks his ass, flipping him onto his back and spreading his legs as he pounds him until he cums, then Tyler pulls out and cums harder than ever before!

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