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Dillon Anderson Fucks Tyler Rush Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Dillon Anderson
Tyler Rush

Tyler Rush and Dillon Anderson don’t waste any time with small talk, these boys get right to it, making out and kissing until Tyler can’t contain his desire for cock anymore and goes right for Dillon’s dick!  He admires Dillon’s huge prick before it disappears into his mouth and he works that thing with his mouth until they switch and it’s Dillon’s turn to give some oral.

He hits all the right spots, making Tyler moan, then goes for that ass, rimming Tyler’s hole and biting those round cheeks as he spits on his ass then licks it up.  Dillon’s had enough of working his mouth, so he puts his cock to work next and shoves it in Tyler’s ass, taking no mercy as he fucks him hard, making Tyler arch his back at the feeling of Dillon’s massive prick inside of him. 

Dillon’s balls slap hard against Tyler’s sore ass as he moans, so much so that Dillon shoves a sock in his trap to keep him from making all that noise!  But as Dillon bends Tyler’s legs up and spreads that ass wide open, fucking him fast and deep, Tyler strokes one out, followed closely by Dillon who adds his hot jizz to the pile!

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