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Tommy White
Tyler Rush

Tommy White and Tyler Rush are just hanging out when Tyler suggests that Tommy join him on the bed, then things get a little less innocent after that!  They start to kiss and touch each other, their hands rubbing those bulges in their pants until Tyler can’t wait anymore and he gets Tommy naked and goes down on him.

Tommy moans as Tyler pulls his cock in and out of his wet mouth, working that massive prick until it’s hard, then turning his attention to Tommy’s little twink ass, rimming that hole and making it wet until Tommy’s ready to take it up the ass.  Tyler tops Tommy doggy style, pumping his ass full of cock and fucking him hard as Tommy moans beneath him.  

But then it’s Tyler’s turn to get his ass stretched as they flip and Tommy enters Tyler slowly, giving him time to warm up to his huge, thick prick. Tommy isn’t too gentle as he fucks Tyler, spreading his legs then doing him doggy style while Tyler jerks his own dick until he drains his cock all over the bed.  Tommy gets a few more good thrusts in before pulling out and stroking out a huge load onto Tyler’s back and ass!

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