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Ethan Slade And Braxton Smith Fuck Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Ethan Slade
Braxton Smith

We’ve got two sexy guys, horny and looking for an extra buck, and we know just the way to satisfy both needs! They can’t get close enough, pushing their bodies against each other and kissing hard until they’re both naked on the bed and hungry for cock! Ethan gets a taste of Braxton’s thick cock, and then Braxton goes down on Ethan, but it doesn’t take much oral before they’re both throbbing hard. Braxton eats Ethan’s ass, rimming that hole and making it dripping wet before he sticks his dick in it and fucks Ethan hard, holding Ethan’s waist for leverage as he slams into that ass over and over.

Ethan moans as he takes that cock, and then they flip and Braxton gets his ass filled with dick as Ethan fucks him so good it makes his toes curl. They climb onto the bed and Braxton sits on Ethan’s hard cock, grinding his sexy ass all over that meat, his ass cheeks jiggling with each bounce as he rides Ethan hard. Braxton grabs his meat and jerks it as Ethan’s dick is buried inside him, stroking his cock until he blows his load then lets Ethan cum between his perfect ass!

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