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Alex Greene And Toby Springs Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Toby Springs
Alexander Greene

Hands all over each other, cock rubbing and undressing…Alex Greene and Toby Springs are off to a sexy start in this scene! They take their time getting to the oral, but once Alex gets on his knees in front of Toby and puts that cock in his mouth, he works that thing until it’s full and hard, making it grow with his expert mouth.

Then Toby goes down on Alex and he does his best to fit that giant prick in his mouth, sucking on it as it gets even bigger than he thought possible, and now that he’s brought that beast up to full size…he has to take it. He sits on Alex’s lap and slowly inserts Alex’s fat cock up his tiny hole, riding it once his ass has adjusted to the size.

They move their fuckfest over to the desk, where Alex positions Toby on top of it and enters him at just the right angle, getting his cock in deep as Toby throws his head back in pleasure. They switch it up one more time, fucking side by side as Toby jerks his own prick while Alex’s monster dick is ravaging his asshole, stroking his cock until he cums all over the bed. Then Alex pulls out and kneels above Toby, busting a nut onto Toby’s stomach as they lock lips one more time before cleaning up.

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