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Derek Scott And Ethan Slade Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Ethan Slade
Derek Scott

Derek Scott and Ethan Slade have one thing on their minds: getting laid, and they don’t waste any time making that happen. Making out is only a short preface to the cock sucking that comes next, Ethan going down on Derek first slobbering on his dick as it peeks out over his pants while Derek grabs Ethan’s package.

Derek gets a taste of Ethan’s meat, and then next thing you know, both our boys are naked, enjoying a few more minutes of oral before the fucking begins and Ethan is wrapping his legs around Derek and his ass around that cock. He rides Derek’s prick hard, getting it as deep as he can while Derek thrusts into him, then they switch it up so that Derek can take control and fuck that ass however hard he wants.

Ethan’s eyes clench shut as he takes Derek’s cock up his tight ass, feeling that hard dick way up inside of him, stretching his hole as Derek pulls it in and out. Watching Derek pounding him gets Ethan harder than before and he yanks his cock until he drains it all over himself. Derek gets a few more pumps in before pulling out just in time to shoot his load onto his sexy bottom Ethan!

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