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Ty Royal
Braxton Smith

Ty Royal and Braxton Smith jump right into the fun stuff, bypassing the long make out session in favor of some wet hot oral as Braxton slides Ty’s cock in and out of his mouth, making that hard cock throb in anticipation. They kiss a little then 69 as Braxton gets on top of Ty and drops his dick in Ty’s face…which Ty is more than happy to suck on while Braxton gives Ty’s prick some attention.

Ty rims Braxton’s hole just enough to tease him before they get off the bed and Braxton balances himself on the desk, ready to get fucked! Ty eagerly slips his dick between Braxton’s wide open legs, earning a shocked moan from Braxton as that huge cock spreads his ass wide open as it goes deeper inside of him. Once Ty is all the way in, he starts pounding his willing victim, fucking him hard and fast in long, even strokes, making sure Braxton can feel every pump of Ty’s fat cock.

They head back over to the bed where Braxton’s ass gets destroyed even more as Ty rams him from every angle imaginable, enjoying every second of that tight ass around his dick. When Braxton can’t take anymore, he shoots his load then lets Ty cum between his ass!

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