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Adam Bryant
Zeke Weidman

Adam Bryant and Zeke are already on the bed and sucking face when we get the camera rolling, and Adam is the first to take off his shirt and lie back, letting Zeke kiss him all over and grab his already-hard dick through his shorts. But it’s not long before those come off too and Adam is naked in bed with Zeke’s mouth around his thick cock, licking and sucking out all the precum that Adam’s leaking out.

Adam shoves Zeke’s head down, pushing his prick down Zeke’s throat and face-fucking him until Zeke is choking on Adam’s dick. When Adam has decided he’s had enough of Zeke’s amazing mouth, he stands him up and rubs their dicks together then bends Zeke over the bed and slowly slides into him. Zeke arches his back as Adam’s dick buries itself deep inside of him, and Adam starts pulling in and out, fucking Zeke slow and steady while he massages his own dick from behind.

When Adam has stretched Zeke’s ass out, he starts pounding him faster and harder, making Zeke’s sweet ass bounce with each powerful thrust of Adam’s cock. Zeke rides Adam’s cock for a little bit before Adam takes back control and gets Zeke on the bed, legs spread and cum all over as these guys both unleash a huge load!

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