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Alan Kennedy
Patrick Ridge

Alan Kennedy and Patrick Ridge are ready for a hot hookup, and they get things sizzlin’ with some sexy kisses. Making out on the bed, these two touch each other all over and Alan’s hand slowly finds it’s way to Patrick’s package, the bulge getting bigger the more Alan rubs it. With that teasing, it’s no wonder that their clothes are off in a matter of seconds and Patrick’s soft lips are wrapped around Alan’s erect cock, getting it wet as he sucks on that delicious meat.

Alan’s up next, and he’s ready to give some amazing oral as he deepthroats Patrick’s big dick, pulling it in and out of his mouth and then moving around to Patrick’s ass and giving that a good licking as well! Alan goes right from tongue to cock, sticking Patrick with his thick prick and making him moan as he pushes it in deeper and deeper into Patrick’s tight entrance.

Alan holds Patrick’s ass apart, letting him get balls deep in Patrick, then switching to a position where Patrick can touch himself while Alan fucks him harder and faster. The harder he gets fucked, the quicker Patrick strokes his leaking cock until he unloads onto his abs, then lets Alan unleash his cum all over him, making a mess of that sexy stomach of his!

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