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Braxton Smith
Zeke Weidman

Zeke Weidman and Braxton Smith partner up for a good fuck in this sexy scene! They make out a little, but both these boys know that the real fun starts when their pants come off, so they strip down to their bare asses and Braxton gets on his knees. Zeke watches as Braxton sucks his dick and strokes his own fat cock at the same time, getting them both hard and ready to fuck.

But of course, Zeke wants to get a little taste of Braxton before that, and he gets his fill as he stuffs his mouth with Braxton’s big cock. When they’re both ready to fuck, Braxton gets on the bed and bends over, doggy style, and Zeke slides his long dick inside of Braxton, pounding him with his prick as Braxton takes that dick and moans in pleasure! They get it on in a few different positions, the final one with Braxton on top riding Zeke’s hard cock until he shoots his load onto Zeke’s chest while Zeke’s cock is still deep inside him. Braxton climbs off and lets Zeke finish, licking his balls while Zeke works his cock until he covers himself in hot cum!

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